Monday, May 12, 2008

Whew.. I am posting!!!

The last month has been insane. It seems as if everything is going on at once and we have had some family issues that have taken some attention and then work.. well, that is always an issue.

So remind me again why we have to work? I know I know... to support ourselves. And with Gas Prices rising like they are... well, I guess I have to work! Plus I always need new scrappy stuff! :)

At my house we are getting ready for Joshua to take his End of Grade Exames. (EOG's) He is totally oblivious that these are important. I am quite nervous. With all the things we have been through with him I just want to see him do well. Lately he has seemed to be getting tripped up by careless mistakes. He knows the material. He can do the work, but it just does not always reflect in his grades.

I am also getting ready for summer. I have ordered the work books the boys will use over the summer to review their work for the next grade year. I am looking at the Free movie listings and trying to get some kind of schedule going so I can also get in my work somewhere in the middle of it all. I love this time of the year. I love planning things so this is fun for me!

Now, I need to go visit some blogs!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!

This has been insane!!! I have totally missed up on my regular blogging and my blog hopping for that matter. Guess I have some catching up to do, but really I can't right now. I have to take Joshua to his pet club meeting and try to spend some time with the family. Whew.. I will be back tomorrow I promise!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

14 years ago...

I was in college at ASU. Jason was singing in the Glee Club and they had a concert on April 15, 1994. My parents, his parents and some friends had come up for the concert.

Then in the middle of the concert Jason came out on stage and sang a song to me and then he invited me on stage an purposed. In front of SO many people! It was sweet! It also began a close relationship with the Glee club director who took Jason under his wing over the upcoming years.

That next day we spent a wonderful time with our families and hiked throught the mountins to see waterfalls and all kinds of crazy stuff.

For those who know me they know that I am not a center stage kind of gal, but Jason loves the spotlight. So this was perfect for him. And in the end, it was perfect for me!

We actually got married two years later.

And they lived happily ever after!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some new fun stuff that I have....

I was reading on some message boards a few weeks ago and ran across the cutest little ETSY shop. As much as I love journaling little things on my layouts I just feel in love with her journal tags, but my favorite... was the calendar tag!!! It is just the cutest. so I put together my order and sent it on its way.

Well, then Friday I received my order and they are even cuter in person!!

Right away I went and did a layout...
I used a Sketch from the new Page Maps book which is wonderful by the way!!!

I also did this layout as part of a challenge for SBO.

Anyway.. I just want to link you to her wonderful blog and just give a good shot out as to how great her products are...

The Paper Pixie AKA Kelly

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going Green

Ohhh ... that will be a good title for a scrap book page! LOL

Well, I am going to ignore the fact that I have not blogged in over a week. It is all good. Life has just been a little demanding lately!

But. I do have some cool news to report.


Joshua got his green belt. He is not in the advanced classes!! We are so proud of him!

and this is what Jackson did during the awards ceremony...


So yea for going green!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bad Blogger!!!

Ok.. so with Spring Break last week I kinda broke my little record for blogging! That also goes for looking at blogs! ugh!!!

This week at KT crafts the DT had to use punches to create a card! (hint: the challenge this week is going to have something to do with that!) Speaking of punches I got this new punch from KT Crafts by Blue Hills Studios! It is so cool! You can cut anywhere on a page with it! It will punch circles ovals and squares. Oh and of course boarders!!! It is really neat... here is a simple card I made with it.


The boys have been busy with school and TKD and I am just plain BUSY! It is all good as around the 15th we will be ready for another big announcement with the company. This one should prove to keep me even more busy! I can not wait to tell everyone!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Whoo hooo!!!

I love this picture of the boys at Easter.

The boys are home for the week and we are ready for fun. Do today we hit the library. The one you have to be quiet in. Jackson informed me of that as we were walking in!

We also made a trip to the scrapbooking store... the boys were so good! They sat at a crop table while I shopped!! No much there but I did pick up some of the Prima Dude papers!! I LOVE them!!!!!

Then it was to Target to battle all of the people looking for Easter clearance. We did manage to get 2 very small lego kits for the boys. The never seem to have enough lego men!

Exciting stuff I know!!

Just wait.. tomorrow it is "Clean the House Day" I will have all kinds of wonderfu activities planned for the boys! LOL